Web and mobile app for travelers from scratch

2 min readDec 16, 2020

Citybooq, a promising startup in the tourist business, hired us to create an innovative web portal and iOS app for their touristic service which helps travelers find amazing places all over the world.

Web portal app we developed consists of a set of Single-Page-Application front-ends and JSON REST server as a backend

The portal app provides rich audio/video/imaging capabilities so we utilized a number of tools to organize media streaming/transcoding (including WebRTC) and applying various effects to images. The project is deeply integrated with social networks, geo-positioning, and mapping services (Google Maps).

We also developed the iPhone application companion (Objective C) which uses the same JSON REST server as a backend.

Afterlogic.Works was just a perfect choice of a professional services team for our start-up. Their competence, perfect timing and attention to details is what they are the best at. Keep up the great work and good luck!”, says our friend and Citybooq’s CEO Igor Saakyants.

Take a look at our portfolio to see what the team is capable of. To tell us more about your vision for your web or mobile application, contact our managers. We’ll analyze your traveling startup and find the most efficient solution for your business needs!




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