The social media platform helping food businesses

3 min readApr 21, 2021


As far as we all know Covid-19 has impacted tremendously on all businesses. Some companies managed to benefit from the pandemic while others couldn't make their ends meet. It’s fair to say that restaurant ones have suffered the most. But our client has a solution. They came up with a complex and brilliant idea of helping entrepreneurs not only during these hard times but to grow in their revenue in general. Afterlogic was hired to bring it to life. Being the one who loves challenges we hit the ground running.

The main idea behind the project is to help entrepreneurs in promotion and marketing without putting too much effort into it. The app looks like a game where influencers are to find the tasks from the businesses on the map and implement them. Just like in Pokemon Go. The tasks represent different activities on social media. Everything from the story to live stream.

The app itself has two versions. One for businesses that is a marketing tool. It serves as a desktop application. For the business side, our developers make sure to develop an extra smoothly running process of application. We know how it is important for businesspersons to serve keys without any incidents. The second version of the platform is for influencers serving as a mobile app. To make sure that the mobile version works perfectly for influencers we invite some of them to test it all along with our QA specialists. We take into account all their notes and suggestions to make it as customer-friendly as possible.

Giving more details we made from scratch some specific built-in features such as:

  • Self-verification of users based on their social media
  • Content editor allowing users to put any changes in their posts
  • Geo-positioning helping to know where you can find the tasks

For these functions and the entire project we chose Node.js and Vue.js for web app and Flutter for cross-platform iOS and Android apps.

Originally Afterlogic was only to develop the app accordingly to the UI/UX specs provided by the client but the way how we work changed our client’s mind. Rather than just blindly coding the mockups into the actual app, we’re not shy of expressing ideas on how to improve the proposed design or suggesting features we feel missing. Thanks to this level of our immersion into the project, the client entrusted us to conduct the project not only as developers but as consultants as well. Now our team is both implementing the app and helping it develop from all perspectives. Check out the client’s review of our work on this project.

If you have any complex and crazy projects that you want to fulfill, feel free to contact us. Here in Afterlogic we are not scared of complicated projects, moreover, we enjoy solving them!




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