How we made an app for organizing online competitions

Stuttgart International Wine Competition (SIWC) hired us to make an app for organizing competitions.

Wine and spirits judging process was a complex story where the staff managed hundreds of bottles, assigned each flight (set of glasses) to panels, judges tasted drinks and filled lots of papers. Then they all were manually entered into database to know the winners and prepare the next round.
And now the magic happens. Online registration, auto-generated PDF files for including into a package with the samples.

A competition management person opens our app, assigns judges, sets tables, creates flights, prints stickers for the bottles. Now the manager is good to go and can start the competition.

Judges no longer need to fill in tons of papers, neither organizers need to manually copy data from these papers to calculate competition scores. Each judge has a tablet running our web app where with just a few clicks the judgement is complete and so are the scores.

Olivera Markovic, SIWC Executive Director, adds: “Relying on Afterlogic as our development partner let us successfully transform our idea into a working application and ecosystem behind it, avoid common pitfalls, and gain confidence that this project stays in safe hands in terms of long-term support.”

Take a look at our portfolio to see what the team is capable of. To tell us more about your vision for your online competition platform, contact our managers. We’ll analyze the project and find the most efficient solution for your business needs!




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Full-stack web&app development agency since 2002. Helping UX/UI agencies with web development ->

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