How we developed a logistics tool that automates cargo shipping

2 min readDec 15, 2020

A Thai startup in the logistics industry chose us to develop a web system that automates cargo shipping, from finding truckers and placing an order to tracking the cargo being shipped.

The system is built around the bidding principle — the customer places a bid “what needs to be shipped, from and where” while truckers respond with their prices. This approach gives customers access to trusted providers who compete for their business, so, as a customer, you can pick your price and ship with confidence.

For customers, it features secure payments, smart shipping, and easy tracking of cargo. For truckers, it performs validation of their licenses and all accompanying documents (only certified providers will be allowed to respond to bids).

Machine learning is utilized to predict a typical price of a shipment (based on previous samples of similar shipments) so that a customer can get an idea of the costs beforehand.

Other features include a mobile version and a feedback system to rate customers and providers.

The project was written in PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Vue.js.

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