How we built a web-based messaging front-end for global mobile communications software company

2 min readDec 16, 2020

Acision (NASDAQ: MESG, now Mavenir) is a global mobile communications software company developing SMS/MMS, voicemail, IP messaging, enterprise mobility solutions.

Our first project for Acision was a web-based messaging front-end, built on a tight timeframe. This project utilizes PHP/JS stack, Acision platform as a backend, and LDAP address book. Also, we performed the branding of the user interface according to the operator’s standards.

Since then, we have helped Acision build a number of modern web portals servicing millions of subscribers of the world-leading mobile network operators. We also leveraged our expertise in communication protocols and technologies to optimize Acision’s messaging infrastructure.

In subsequent projects we did:
- Viewing/managing/transcoding MMS audio and video messages.
- Postfix MTA scripts for tracking message traffic.
- Building custom Linux RPM packages for the deployment of customized server components.

We asked Sergey Buravov, Project Manager at Mavenir at the time, to share his experience of working with us: “Afterlogic.Works’s ability to provide on-site and online support and maintenance for up to 24x7 level is also the important factor for us, helping us build and run the platforms which serve hundreds of millions of people worldwide.”

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