How we built a messaging solution for the largest ISPs in Israel

013 Netvision, one of the largest ISPs in Israel, decided to choose us to build a web front-end for their mail server and contacts LDAP directory. Our experience in building user interfaces which support both Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left layouts was the important factor for this decision.

We optimized our PHP messaging solution to work in Netvision’s cluster environment, added a custom authentication layer, enabled deep integration with their LDAP directory for accessing contacts, and branded the look-n-feel to conform to their corporate style.

The platform now successfully serves about a million of Netvision subscribers and is seamlessly integrated into their user portal. Technology stack: Linux/PHP/LDAP/SunJES.

Valentin Zaharov, System Group Manager in Netvision at the time, adds: “Over the years, Afterlogic has proven itself as not only the experienced technology company but also a long-term partner you can count on in a distant perspective.

For a large long-running project, it’s vital to protect your investments and have peace of mind knowing that the team behind the project is always around and ready to help, whatever happens. Afterlogic.Works shares the same values so we found it the right fit for this strategy.”

Take a look at our portfolio to see what the team is capable of. To tell us more about your vision for your messaging solution, contact our managers. We’ll analyze your telecommunications project and find the most efficient solution for your business needs!




Full-stack web&app development agency since 2002. Helping UX/UI agencies with web development ->

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Full-stack web&app development agency since 2002. Helping UX/UI agencies with web development ->

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