How we automated wine and spirits submission procedure

Blue Lifestyle, LA based company, hired us to automate wine and spirits submission procedure.

Organizing of wine and spirits completion process has always been cumbersome mostly because the lack of automation. Participants, such as brand owners or PR/Marketing firms, could not just send samples (entries) to the competition organizer. They had to fill the related electronic documents, print them, send them by postal mail, then pay an invoice which was issued manually, at all times sitting on the phone to make sure all the docs were sent and received properly, payments are done and so on. Organizers weren’t happy either, they had to input all the data into the database manually, mark which entries have already being paid, find which data fields are missing and request them from the participants.

Blue Lifestyle’s idea was to put an end to all the mess, and we helped them achieve this goal.

Now everything a participant needs — fill out entities, pay for it (PayPal, Stripe or Check) and get confirmation email. Our web app saves the data in database and sends notification email to Blue Lifestyle.

Olivera Markovic, SVP/Managing Director of Blue Lifestyle, adds: “Afterlogic was the right partner for this project. Dedicated, responsible, competent. Five stars!”

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