How to develop a secure web platform with email, cloud storage, calendar, notes, friend list, and chat in a single service

2 min readDec 14, 2020

Foldercrate, a Swiss startup, hired us to develop a secure web platform which combines email, cloud storage, calendar, notes, friend list, and chat in a single service. The aim is to have an all-in-one solution — customers don’t need to rely on single-service offerings from multiple companies, but can manage everything under one account.

Key features:

  • Multilingual
  • Has a mobile version
  • Supports drag-n-drop
  • Preview/viewer of many popular file formats
  • Sharing of files and calendars among users
  • Mobile sync
  • Open-PGP and Paranoid Encryption to protect your data right in the browser

The solution is designed as a modern single-page-application with PHP/MySQL back-end and runs in a data center in Germany, a country which is known for its utmost respect to the privacy of users’ data.

Foldercrate quick facts: 1800+ happy customers and counting. Over a million lines of code. Founded to bring together what belongs together.

“Choosing Afterlogic to help us launch Foldercrate was a reasonable decision which let us save on development costs, bring the product to the public faster, and efficiently leverage Afterlogic’s vast expertise in building messaging and groupware systems”, concludes Oleg Zakharov, CEO of Foldercrate.

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