Food delivery service in New York City

Take Eat Easy, a web portal which connects restaurants with delivery services, leveraged Afterlogic.Works’s skills and expertise to automate the process of ordering food delivery in New York City.

The project is implemented as PHP/JS mobile responsive web application with MySQL backend, with PhpSpreadsheet library utilized for XLS reports generation and service for payments.

A typical problem restaurants face is a too cumbersome and fully manual process of placing orders for on-demand delivery with Postmates and similar services. For example, when a customer orders a meal via a food delivery aggregator like GrubHub, the restaurant just gets an e-mail with order details. The restaurant staff then needs to manually place an order for delivery of this meal with Postmates.

What we did is that we streamlined this process. Once a restaurant registers at the portal, manual intervention is no longer needed to file orders for associated activities like actual delivery of the meals with Postmates.

“Accurate coding, responsive team, reliable ongoing support. All of this enabled the project to go live and start earning revenues.” said Abdel Hosni, the owner of the portal.

Take a look at our portfolio to see what the team is capable of. To tell us more about your vision for your food delivery service, contact our managers. We’ll analyze your foodtech project and find the most efficient solution for your business needs!




Full-stack web&app development agency since 2002. Helping UX/UI agencies with web development ->

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Full-stack web&app development agency since 2002. Helping UX/UI agencies with web development ->

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