Code-review case study

Although here at Afterlogic.Works we’re mostly doing web development work, we’re also providing consultancy and code review services.

A client reached out to us with an existing project and needed someone qualified to audit it in terms of code quality, architecture, methodologies. They also wanted to know whether their structure is sound and if the employed libraries and standards are up to date.

Our team assigned two senior developers, a front-end and back-end, for this task. They’ve checked the code for compatibility with existing best practices such as PSR, The Twelve-Factor App, SOLID, KISS, DRY, Zend, and the best Design patterns.

After our research, we’ve proposed two possible solutions: a faster one to fix the current version, and a longer one (more fundamentally sound) which would require changes to the architecture of the app.

We made a detailed document for the client where we included our view of the architecture, all of our analysis, recommendations for testing and CI/CD, and most importantly, advice on the best way to move forward with the project.

Not sure you’re moving in the right direction with your project? Wondering if your architecture is correct, code quality is up to par, CI/CD is implemented correctly? If so, contact us, we’re ready to help.




Full-stack web&app development agency since 2002. Helping UX/UI agencies with web development ->

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Full-stack web&app development agency since 2002. Helping UX/UI agencies with web development ->

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