As far as we all know Covid-19 has impacted tremendously on all businesses. Some companies managed to benefit from the pandemic while others couldn't make their ends meet. It’s fair to say that restaurant ones have suffered the most. But our client has a solution. They came up with a complex and brilliant idea of helping entrepreneurs not only during these hard times but to grow in their revenue in general. Afterlogic was hired to bring it to life. Being the one who loves challenges we hit the ground running.

The main idea behind the project is to help entrepreneurs…

The reason that bothers you doesn’t really matter. If you have never tried outsourcing tasks before or you have already encountered some disappointment in your previous experience — we would like to give you some advice on how to approach IT outsourcing correctly and how to choose the company that will fit your business.

To start off with, more than 70% of companies plan to increase their usage of outsourcing. There are many reasons why they chose IT outsourcing, but the main reasons are:

  • revenue growth
  • improved user experience
  • refusal of outdated solutions

Sure, it’s impossible for all outsourced projects…

Let’s start with the fact that the outsourcing market has been growing rapidly since the early 1990s. The analysis from Technavio’s research shows that the IT outsourcing market’s volume will grow by $98 billion during 2020–2024.

Jeremy Coward (National Outsourcing Association’s Community Marketing Executive) also has written in his report that more than 70% of companies are planning to increase the usage of IT outsourcing. The same report from the National Outsourcing Association also reveals that the main reasons why companies choose IT outsourcing are:

  • 35% of cost savings;
  • 23% of user experience improvement;
  • reduced use of outdated solutions by…

Although here at Afterlogic.Works we’re mostly doing web development work, we’re also providing consultancy and code review services.

A client reached out to us with an existing project and needed someone qualified to audit it in terms of code quality, architecture, methodologies. They also wanted to know whether their structure is sound and if the employed libraries and standards are up to date.

Our team assigned two senior developers, a front-end and back-end, for this task. …

013 Netvision, one of the largest ISPs in Israel, decided to choose us to build a web front-end for their mail server and contacts LDAP directory. Our experience in building user interfaces which support both Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left layouts was the important factor for this decision.

We optimized our PHP messaging solution to work in Netvision’s cluster environment, added a custom authentication layer, enabled deep integration with their LDAP directory for accessing contacts, and branded the look-n-feel to conform to their corporate style.

The platform now successfully serves about a million of Netvision subscribers and is seamlessly integrated into their…

Citybooq, a promising startup in the tourist business, hired us to create an innovative web portal and iOS app for their touristic service which helps travelers find amazing places all over the world.

Web portal app we developed consists of a set of Single-Page-Application front-ends and JSON REST server as a backend

Take Eat Easy, a web portal which connects restaurants with delivery services, leveraged Afterlogic.Works’s skills and expertise to automate the process of ordering food delivery in New York City.

The project is implemented as PHP/JS mobile responsive web application with MySQL backend, with PhpSpreadsheet library utilized for XLS reports generation and service for payments.

A typical problem restaurants face is a too cumbersome and fully manual process of placing orders for on-demand delivery with Postmates and similar services. For example, when a customer orders a meal via a food delivery aggregator like GrubHub, the restaurant just gets an e-mail…

Acision (NASDAQ: MESG, now Mavenir) is a global mobile communications software company developing SMS/MMS, voicemail, IP messaging, enterprise mobility solutions.

Our first project for Acision was a web-based messaging front-end, built on a tight timeframe. This project utilizes PHP/JS stack, Acision platform as a backend, and LDAP address book. Also, we performed the branding of the user interface according to the operator’s standards.

Since then, we have helped Acision build a number of modern web portals servicing millions of subscribers of the world-leading mobile network operators. …

Over the years of using our Webmail solution as part of their service, one of our clients returned to us with several bright ideas on how to expand its functionality to fit their needs best. This project is — a service by TorGuard, a security provider (named #1 VPN for File-Sharing & Torrenting by that offers secure communications channels.

The expansion ideas included new payment plans, streaming media with password protection, UI extensions, secure links, new ways to access encrypted data, mail and admin functionality extension, and other stuff.

We ended up making a complete integrated system with…

Blue Lifestyle, LA based company, hired us to automate wine and spirits submission procedure.

Organizing of wine and spirits completion process has always been cumbersome mostly because the lack of automation. Participants, such as brand owners or PR/Marketing firms, could not just send samples (entries) to the competition organizer. They had to fill the related electronic documents, print them, send them by postal mail, then pay an invoice which was issued manually, at all times sitting on the phone to make sure all the docs were sent and received properly, payments are done and so on. …


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