How we developed a messaging system for the healthcare industry

Medicity (now part of Health Catalyst) is the market leader in clinical data exchange which helps power a network of more than 1,000 hospitals, 250,000 end-users, and 20 regional and statewide HIE’s (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy).

Medicity (now part of Health Catalyst) hired us to develop a messaging system for the healthcare industry. Based on our existing messaging application (ASP.NET, MS SQL Server), the customized solution enabled the “delegates” concept and custom storage of emails with REST API.

The solution developed for Medicity lets healthcare industry pros work with their email and delegate access to their accounts to other members, search through the available healthcare specialists, assign/manage delegations.
REST API was developed to use Medicity’s internal facilities for getting messages into the system.

This was successful and efficient cooperation. That’s what Lance Rodela, Product Management of Medicity, says: “Working with Afterlogic was a smooth experience. High-quality code, quick turnarounds, flexible minds. And project on time. Always open to suggest ideas and discuss better ways of making things work, Afterlogic guys helped us meet all the challenges of this project. Even changing some original requirements for performance sake during the project life-cycle was a no-brainer with Afterlogic and didn’t have any impact on the budget.”

Take a look at our portfolio to see what the team is capable of. To tell us more about your vision for your healthcare platform, contact our managers. We’ll analyze your health-tech project and find the most efficient solution for your business needs!

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